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Why choose us?​

Everything about how our service and company works

The problem we’re solving in detail

The problem

The problem

The consequences

The solution in 4 steps


A consultation call


A concierge that guides you from start to finish


Referrals to our pre-vetted network of facilitators​


The ceremony and microdosing programs

Step 1

A consultation call. Where we get to know your situation, and you get answers.

How it works and what you can expect:

Take the next step in your healing journey today

Step 2

Concierge guidance as an ally from start to finish. A liason between parties.

What to expect from your concierge after the call

Step 3

Referrals to pre-vetted facilitators that meet your unique needs.


How the referral works:

Read more about how we vet our network. And learn about the qualifications of the facilitators in our network.

Step 4

Pay your facilitator and have a ceremony or start microdosing.


How the referral works:

Learn more about how and why we designed our programs

Payment and pricing

You pay us:

You will get:

You pay your facilitator:
$1,500 - $4,000

*depending on your annual income.

You will get:

Book your consultation call for $49 and get matched with a provider

Let’s take the first step in your psychedelic journey, together. ​

Our approach & philosophy

An intentional, structured approach is essential when using psychedelics for personal growth and healing. Learn about our healing philosophy and the approach our facilitators take when working with clients.

Our network and programs​

Learn about our network and the programs we've designed.

A network of only the best facilitators

We’ve established comprehensive facilitator vetting protocols that hold facilitators to a higher standard than is required by the state for licensure. They include mechanisms that remove bad actors.

Standardized programs

All our programs are run by our facilitators. Therefore you will pay them directly , and you will enroll in a program with them. We designed the format of these programs to create the highest chance for a transformative experience.

Ceremonial Program​

For those who desire a deep dive inward, we've created a ceremonial program that results in the highest potential for transformational change. This program provides a hard-reset that's best for those who feel 'stuck' in their life. Ceremony refers to moderate to high doses of psychedelics taken in a sacred container with a professional facilitator present. Our program includes preparation before the ceremony and integration afterwards, which is an essential part of the process and consistent with the research methodology and clinical trials.

1 on 1 Ceremonial Program

5 week program. Flexible scheduling available​

Week 1 & 2
2 x 60min. Preparation Sessions

Week 3
8 hours of trip sitting

Week 4 & 5
2 x 60min. integration sessions

Program includes:

Energy exchange:
Between $1,500 - $4000

Microdosing Program

Of all the ways to engage with psychedelics, microdosing allows you to get acquainted with plant medicine with the least risk, least cost and least commitment. We’ve specifically designed this program so that you have regular, ongoing 1-on-1 support with one of the expert facilitators in our network. Inevitably questions will arise in this process so its essential that you have a dedicated facilitator guiding you along your microdosing journey.

Microdosing Program

4x 1-hour long coaching sessions
via Zoom that can be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly.

Microdosing guide
Complete PDF with everything you need to know

Program includes
Text & email support with your facilitator

Energy exchange:

Service areas

Our network of facilitators spans the entire continental United States and we are continually adding more states to our service areas.

Book your consultation call for $49 and get matched with a provider

Let’s take the first step in your psychedelic journey, together. ​

Our educational services​

The more informed you are, the better your treatment outcomes will be. We've created resources to help you succeed.

Our psychedelic therapy preparation handbook

The preparation handbook represents our unique approach to the preparation process that's been proven to work for hundreds of journeyers seeking healing and transformation.

It includes:

Our psychedelic therapy integration handbook​

The integration handbook details our step-by-step method for taking the insights, realizations, and shifts from the journey and implementing them into your everyday life.​

It includes: ​

Our psilocybin mushroom grow guide

This comprehensive psilocybin mushroom grow guide provides step-by-step instructions for cultivating mushrooms at home with ease.

It includes:

Our psychedelic therapy preparation workshop​

This workshop is designed to help you get the most possible benefit out of the psychedelic experience and feel confident as you explore a new healing modality. ​

In it, you'll learn the 5 essential steps to preparation: ​

1. How to take internal inventory and set intentions
2. How to reprogram the mind, body, and spirit
3. At home preparation tools and best practices
4. How to optimize your ceremonial space
5. How to navigate altered states of consciousness

Our psychedelic therapy integration workshop​

This workshop is perfect for you if you want to increase the likelihood of life-long lasting change after a single journey. It's designed to help you better understand that mental, physical, and emotional changes that take place after a psychedelic experience.​

In it, you'll learn the 5 essentials to integration:​

1. Understanding integration: what even is it?
2. Why integration is the most important part of the process
3. What to expect post psychedelic experience
4. How to apply integration guidance and frameworks
5. How to implement tangible practices for lasting and meaningful change

Our articles

Our blog features research-based education, news, anecdotal reports, and how-to articles that provide you with actionable advice. Our intention with these articles is to provide unbiased information that helps you make more informed decisions about your care.​

The blog features 5 unique series:​

Our podcasts​

The world is waking up to the profound healing power of psychedelics, but very few people understand how to actually use these medicines effectively. As professional psychedelic guides, we've made it our mission to help others have intentional psychedelic experiences. On our show, we provide tips, best practices, and answer common questions around how to safely use psychedelics for meaningful change.​


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